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Laminated solenoids for AC

Laminated solenoids for AC

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DC holding magnets

DC holding magnets

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Miniature solenoids AC or DC

Miniature solenoids AC or DC

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The use of electromagnets

There are a lot of uses for our electromagnets. Here we list some.

Model 200
Their main use is in fire doors, for example, in hospitals and hotels. It is also used in robotic arms to pick up or drop metals; also we can find them in railroads entering factories, in order to achieve that the train doors remain clamped by the electromagnet after opening...
Model 300
Several applications for industrial machinery and construction. We find them on generators or on doors: our model 362 is on the doors of the Ferrocarriles Catalanes. They are in many high voltage cells, on assembly lines, stamping systems, processing systems, metal forming machines, shot blasting machines, automation in general... They are also used inside ambulances or prisoner transport buses.
Model 500 & 5000
They are intended for industrial machinery, but AC: shears, press brakes, industrial furnaces for pieces of high temperature, cut lines, hoists, conveyors (such as airports), profiling lines, lines of formats, eccentric presses. Also they are being used in the mills of wind farms to generate electricity...
Model 600
Mainly used in vending machines, in parking machines to allow passage of the coins ... They are also used in robotic arms to laser surgery, and many other applications requiring small forces such as interlocks for small hatches; so they are used in pharmaceutical industry for their closets and drawers... we may find them in many other similar applications.
Models 800
Mainly used in all kinds of doors of shops, lockers (eg RENFE), closets with locks but keyless that are activated by numerical control, parking gates, etc.
Models 8200 & 820.20
They are also used in doors, but in industrial type ones: warehouses doors, dock doors, sliding doors, lifts, etc.
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